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Smart Guide to Yoga

Yoga is a complete science that anyone can practice. The ancient system of integrating physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is the most widely practiced health system throughout the contemporary world.  This sensible yoga book gives strategies, insights and instruction with visuals about yoga and the practice of yoga.

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  1.   Hollyhock: Cultivating the Seeds of Change

Yoga + Joyful Living Magazine

Nature’s handprint is everywhere. The sea, the sky, and the forest coalesce to create a palette of raw beauty. The water is pure, the air sweet. Paradise? Perhaps, but paradise with a purpose. Situated on the toe of Cortes Island in British Columbia, this 48-acre educational retreat center was founded to “inspire, nourish... ➜ read full article

  1.   Breathe More Stress Less


Sshh! Here are some hush-hush secrets for staying calm and keeping your wits about you when the puppy chews your new shoes or the roof springs a major leak. No, you can't order a 30-day supply of this magical aid in an infomercial. But if you can inhale, you've already got all the equipment you need.  ➜ read full article

  1.   In Need of Yoga Nidra


I'm stretched out during my first 45-minute Yoga Nidra class, body cradled in a fully supported Savasana (Corpse Pose), limbs limp, breath quiet, thoughts drifting by. In the distance, the teacher's voice blends with the sound of Tibetan bells...  ➜ read full article