Stephanie Levin’s insatiable curiosity to learn about diverse cultures has afforded her the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively. She has made her home in France, Spain and Mexico and is trilingual. Her numerous journeys have taken her through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Cuba, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, North America and Hawaii. Her affinity for culture continues to thread through her life at home and abroad. She is equally at home in the rainforest conversing with curious tropical creatures as she is in Paris sashaying down cobblestone streets conversing in French, or teaching language classes in San Francisco.

Her desire to delve deeper into a longtime interest in health and yoga was a natural segue into health and fitness writing.  A certified yoga instructor, as well as bilingual educator and writing coach, Stephanie is the author of two health books and a contributor to travel anthologies and university publications on travel, health and business. She served as the health columnist/editor for and the yoga and travel editor at On this site you’ll find samples of her travel and health stories, columns, books and yoga articles, as well as tips for travel, health and general writing.

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