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American Way - Sojourns

An armchair detective, I'm most content perusing pages of murder, suspense, and whodunit. But sooner or later necessity demands I don my trench coat - Sam Spade fashion - and gumshoe through the fog-shrouded hills in search of another mystery. My tracks stop at 746 Diamond Street in front of The San Francisco... ➜ read full article

  1.   Tango, Buenos Aires Style

American Way - Sojourns

In Buenos Aires, the tango has experienced a sultry South American revival, rumored to capture even the most impervious heart. Once spurned as a scandalous expression of the poor, the provocative dance is evoking plenty of praise in the capital's cafes, clubs, and cobblestone

streets.  ➜ read  full article

  1.   The Angels Share

American Way - Sojourns

A tour of the Carneros Alambic Distillery is a rich blend of age-old tradition, technology, and folklore - not unlike the brandy that's made there. Set among the rolling hills outside Napa, California, the distillery ages nearly 4,000 barrels of the oldest and rarest stock in North

America. ➜ read full article

  1.   Traveling by Page

American Way - Sojourns

A wayfarer at heart, my life travels between nostalgic homecomings and ensuing destinations. Globe-trotting homesteaded in my heart in college, when I came under the spell of Conrad's perfumed Malaysia and Hemingway's primordial Africa. At twenty-one, I fell in love with tropical breezes and nature's symphony... ➜ read full article

  1.   Victory Garden

American Way - Sojourns

At the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, nature's hand print is everywhere, from the brilliant blooms of the dendrobiums to the intoxicating aroma of the ylang-ylang tree. In September 1992, however, Hurricane Iniki invaded the island, her winds uprooting this sanguine garden paradise...  ➜ read full article

  1.   Wired Women

American Way - Sojourns

Women in cyberspace - statistics hint they find it vapid, uneventful, and logistically intimidating; men, on the other hand, find it galvanizing and exciting, and plunge in with a vengeance. Such online generalizations, however, depend on whose network you're logged onto, notes Ellen Pack, co-founder of Women's Wire, an online... ➜ read full article

  1.   Zenned and Zymed

American Way - Sojourns

A dilettante of fine spas and healthful curatives, I wasn't sure that wallowing in a of cedar fibers, rice bran, fir wood, and imported enzymes didn't sound more like organic-garden composting than Japanese-style de-stressing. Nevertheless, the thought of fermenting in a mixture likened to a warm sawdust comforter did appeal...  ➜ read full article

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  1.   A Promise Kept

TRAVEL magazine

On a 1985 trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, my husband and I discovered El Paradero, a pueblo style B&B close to the center of town. We arrived at dusk, when guests were already gathered around a fire, drinking mugs of hot cider. Enchanted, I vowed then that I would return to El Paradero again and again...   ➜ read full article

  1.   Res for the Weary

TRAVEL magazine

As a dabbler in wine, I never tire of exploring the vineyards of northern California's Carneros region-- all 36,900 acres. When a fellow oenophile suggested I hang my hat at a 20-room luxury inn there, named La Residence, I needed little coaxing...

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  1.   Putting on the Dog

The Daily News, NY

A well-heeled traveler laps up culture at a French café

Oh, no! Not another morning at the comptoir," I howled, hip to hip with espresso aficionados as they flicked ashes and conversation over my head. Testily, my master reminded me that I wasn't shelling out the francs for this vacation, so keep my doggy....  ➜ read full article


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“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment”, Hilaire Belloc.