1.   Old California

TRAVEL magazine

My husband, Luis, and I spent our wedding night at the legendary Hotel del Coronado, a white wood castle on the southern California coast. This was no easy feat our wedding was planned at the last minute and held just three days before Christmas, a season when the hotel is at its busiest. Nonetheless, as magnificently... ➜ read full article

  1.   An Artful Blend

American Way - Sojourns

Heady roadside fragrances--crushed grapes, olives, and oak--greet me as I drive into Napa Valley. Parceled vine--yards splashed in a resplendent light surround the prestigious wineries where I'm headed for a taste-not only of fine wine, but of fine art....

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  1.   A Peaceful Pummeling

Spirit Magazine

The slogan of San Francisco's Kabuki Hot Spring says it all: Welcome - we can't wait to get our hands on you. Located in the city's Japantown, this is where massage connoisseurs come to experience sento (Japanese communal baths) and shiatsu (Japanese finger pressure to improve circulation)...  ➜ read full article

  1.   Destination San Francisco

Spirit Magazine

"End of the line," snorts the bus driver, shooing us into the middle of a busy intersection. Troubled tourists look to disgruntled locals for directions. I shrug my shoulders and point to the street sign. Curso Cristoforo Columbo, North Beach, which, in my opinion, is one of the best spots for a bus breakdown. In the distance... ➜ read full article

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  1.   Family Friendly Paris

Child Magazine

Prior to parenthood, I lived in Paris, married a Frenchman, and enjoyed la bonne vie in our 12th arrondissement neighborhood between the Bastille and the Gare De Lyon. I buffed up my French, eked out a living writing and leading walking tours, and frittered away many a glorious day in open-air markets, museums... ➜ read full article

  1.   Paris: The Playground

TRAVEL magazine

Experts say the biggest Impediment to staying fit while traveling isn't inactivity but inflexibility. Here's some advice on how gravity, ingenuity, and creativity can keep you in shape. The naked truth is that we're consumed with physical immortality - the perfect body. When our golden glutes sag and our muscles turn gelatinous, we beat a path to the nearest gym to redefine the trouble zones... ➜ read full article


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  1.   Petroglyphs illuminate Hawaiis ancient history and culture

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

When friends ask why I keep returning to the Big Island, I tell them it is not just the beauty and serendipitous spirituality that attract me, but the history of mythology and folklore. Hawaii's link to the past is ever present today on the Big Island.... ➜ read full article

  1.   Snorkeling, paddling, whale watching -- Hawaii has a flood of activities

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

My draw to Hawaii's Big Island for a winter vacation was the colorful coral reefs and boggling beautiful fish. The drawback is I could spend the entire week underwater snorkeling and never explore above-water activities. A solution surfaced.... ➜ read full article

  1.   Its a Hoot to Scoot Underwater

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

There is nothing as spellbinding as the underwater world of tropical reefs. Given the choice, that's where I'd spend all my time, marveling at the diverse sea life sashaying past.... ➜ read full article

  1.   Back in time on the Big Island

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

A recent fire in the Puako Petroglyph Preserve on Hawaii's Big Island nixed my plans for a hike in that area. While I had another hike planned for later, I first opted for two-hour walk between the Fairmont Orchid and Mauna Lani resorts on the Kohala Coast.. ➜ read full article

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment”, Hilaire Belloc.