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  1.   Transitioning From Home To College

Fall 2007 - Parenteen

On April 23, 2007, Jane McClure, M.A., Educational Psychologist at McClure, Mallory & Baron,  Educational Counseling and Planning, spoke at The Bay School for the benefit of the Parents Coalition of Bay Area High School Students.  Her topic–The Transition to College: A Parent’s Perspective-drew a large audience of... ➜ read full article

  1.   Linda Burch: Raising Teens With Common Sense In A 24/7 Digital World

  2. Spring 2009 - Parenteen

When communication theorist Marshall McLuhan published Understanding Media in the 1960s, he noted that the media of our time will shape the way humans think, act, and ultimately perceive the world around them. Although he coined the expressions, Common Sense in a 24/7 Digital World” brought...  ➜ read full article

  1.   Sharon Ellison?

Winter 2007 - Parenteen

On October 16, 2006, Sharon Ellison met with interested parents at the fall Parents’ Coalition of Bay Area High Schools forum held at San Francisco Day School. Ellison is the author of Taking the War out of our Words: The Art of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication and the Director of The Institute for Powerful... ➜ read full article

  1.   Speaker Forum: Robert Sylvester

Spring 2008 - Parenteen

We all meander into adulthood through the adolescent door. Some of us go through the door with ease, however, most of us stumble erratically over the threshold, stumbling being the rite of passage. Yet parents are continually mystified and surprised at their adolescent’s foolish and destructive behavioral patterns...  ➜ read full article

  1.   The College Admission Frenzy

Spring 2008 - Parenteen

On January 14, 300 families filed into Lick Wilmerding’s auditorium to hear Lloyd Thacker, founder of the Education Conservancy in Portland, Oregon and author of College Unranked, speak on the college admission frenzy that has come to define the...  ➜ read full article