Smart Guide to Yoga

Yoga is a complete science that anyone can practice. The ancient system of integrating physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is the most widely practiced health system throughout the contemporary world.  This sensible yoga book gives strategies, insights and instruction with visuals about yoga and the practice of yoga. This comprehensive book is a great primer for beginners.

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The Back Pain Sourcebook

“Back pain is a medical nemesis, the bane of the twenty-first century. It’s pervasive, striking men and women, the healthy and the unsuspecting. What’s wrong with our backs? The Back Pain Sourcebook is a comprehensive book explaining everything you need to know about:

•Causes of back pain

•Conventional treatment methods and surgery

•Alternative treatments

•Preventive techniques and exercises to help strengthen and heal backs.

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Lonely Planet: Travel with Children

Chronicles author’s traveling experience with her daughter in two stories in this analogy: Paris or Eiffel or Mouthful is a personal account of a Francophile and a French foodie longing to sashay, arm-in-arm with her daughter through one of the city’s oldest markets. The Great Next Door story is in Vancouver and Whistler Canada chronicling city-kid adventure, and family fun in the wilderness.

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2009 © Copyright Stephanie Levin,

A Mother’s World: Journeys of the Heart

In A Mother’s World the story Lessons of the Rainforest, chronicles the author’s adventure with her young daughter as they wend their way through the Costa Rican rainforest on a 63-passenger cruise on an eco-sensitive journey where medicinal remedies, trust and openness of the heart prevail.

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